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That’s So Raw

The other day I went to my local office supply store. I needed some stuff for filing all the paperwork a toddler generates, and so I of course had my toddler with me. As...

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Geek Wish of the Day #6

Wentworth Woodhouse (Mr. Darcy’s House inspiration), built by the First Marquess of Rockingham in 1725. Market price: $10.9 million (+ estimated $65.6 million of required repairs) (via Time)

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Geek Wish of the Day #5

Serpentfire Tarot deck, third edition. With Frida Kahlo as the Queen of Cups and Elizabeth Taylor as the Empress. (via Wired)

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Payback isn’t a Bitch

Last weekend I had the opportunity to buy some limited edition beer, and let a few of my friends in on the opportunity. Two of them said yes, and I picked up three bottles...